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Horse Sense Business Sense helps professionals in the many fields of Equine Assisted Practices offer top-level programs in their communities through workshops/trainings, symposiums & conferences, consulting & immersion programs, curriculums, a working student program, and much more.

Over a decade ago, Horse Sense began the journey into becoming a top-notch EAP/EAL facility. We are eager to help other Therapeutic Horsemanship, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning programs make it, and make a difference, in their community.

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What's New at Business Sense?


Giving Thanks

You can feel the weather changing here on the farm day-by-day, confirming that fall is fading and giving way to winter; the holidays are not far behind. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, our minds turn to all the things we have to be thankful for.  This year - we at Horse Sense are celebrating many things, not the least of which is the establishment of Heart of Horse Sense, a personal and professional passion many years in the making.  Heart of Horse Sense, created earlier this year to support horse services for Veterans and At-Risk Youth, provides an opportunity for the commun ity to become involved through donations and volunteer opportunities. Recently, Heart of Horse Sense was granted official 501c3 non-profit status! That means any donations are tax-deductible!  

We are so thankful for the supporters and volunteers who helped make our November fund-raisers such a success.  We hope you had an opportunity to participate in either the HeART of Horse Sense event at Zuma Coffee (Nov 7th) and/or VetFest 2014 (Nov 9th).  We are so thankful for our veterans and thankful to be in a postiton to serve them.  Horse Sense of the Carolinas is honored to be a recipient of Heart of Horse Sense funds; rest assured that 100% of proceeds from donations are used for direct services for veterans and at-risk youth.

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More Than A Mirror: Horses Changing People

Perhaps the best way to demonstrate how horses can create change in people is to tell you a few stories of my own. If you’re into horses long enough, eventually that One Horse shows up in your life: the one who gives you fits, the one who challenges all your supposed experience. The one who makes you realize you don’t know anything. This horse becomes what I call a “Waterloo Horse” unless we seek help and grow beyond our current boundaries. And, sometimes, this is the horse who leads us to unexpected places. 

This is the story of my “Waterloo Horse”.

After taking a few years off from horses for college and grad school while in my 20s, I moved to Texas and officially got back into horses. Susan Denero—or ‘Black-Eyed Sue’—came to me the summer of 1998 as a 4-year-old registered dun paint broodmare. When I saw her for the first time at a horse show, I thought she looked great. Her owners were there to help her acclimate to the show environment. I was so excited to see her that I didn’t stop long enough to consider the twisted-wire snaffle bit they were using—and why they might be using it. It should have been my first clue; it’s the classic “normal” bit for the hard-to-control horse. 

The more important thing to know, however, is Sue was actually my second Waterloo horse. I had sold her predecessor, named Brandy, because I kept hitting one wall after another until finally, out of sheer frustration, I sold her. Of course, I was convinced the issues were Brandy’s fault, not mine. In the back of my mind I suspected differently, but everyone around me knew more, so I listened with relief to their suggestions that I sell her and get another horse more suited to me.  

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Horse Sense "Rallys" to Serve Our Veterans

Horse Sense is proud to provide Therapeutic Riding, and Equine Services to the veterans at our local VA. These gentlemen do not pay one dime for these services. Whether we bring the horses to the VA or the veterans are transported to the farm, the costs are covered by grants and donations. We know that grants are not always renewed and that harder times make it difficult to expect regular donations.

But, we know that we make SUCH A DIFFERENCE for these veterans. We know that studies show that veterans who work with horses show a 29% decrease in the risk of violence and a 62% decrease in the risk of suicide.

We are undertaking this fund-raising project to support existing programs and to start NEW programs for families, kids of vets, spouses, homeless vets, and more...

And so we RALLY. We reach out to you - our friends and colleagues - to join with us to keep these services going and to expand them if possible. Please consider a donation of any size so that we may continue to serve these men who have served their country so well.

How does your donation help these Veterans? 

  • $175 supports a Therapeutic Riding session for 2-4 Veterans
  • $275 supports a two-hour Equine Assisted Learning Group at Horse Sense for about 20 Veterans
  • $475 supports three horses visiting the VA, bringing smiles to everyone's faces
  • $725 supports a small group of Veterans in Therapeutic Horsemanship for a day
  • $1170 provides 8-10 sessions of Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for two-three Veterans

Why These Programs are Important
There is an incredible need for these programs. Horses make it possible for veterans to talk about their issues and see that there is a way forward - all of this without having someone constantly asking "how do you feel" and "what do you think". Horses make no judgments, and they allow these men and women to recognize themselves in the behavior of the horses, and then apply the lessons learned to their own lives.


Donate directly to Horse Sense via 
Click here to make a donation of any amount directly into the Horse Sense Veterans Fund! 

Donate (and get a tax-deduction!) through Equinox Horse Foundation
Horse Sense's Sister non-profit, Equinox Horse Foundation, has received word about their 501c3 status, and you can now donate to Horse Sense Scholarship Fund through Equinox! Make checks payable to Equinox Horse Foundation, with "Horse Sense Vets" in the memo field, and mail to Lori Araki, 7041 Meadows Town Roa d, Marshall, NC 28753!

Donate your time!
We always need extra support staff when serving our older Veterans in Therapeutic Riding, usually on Wednesdays in the morning. Can you donate an hour or two to give back?