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Audio/Visual Materials

Listen, Look and Learn!

DVDs and MP3s on a wide variety of topics, all relevant and important to the smooth functioning of a quality program.



DVD & Handouts From Equine-Assisted Learning 2010 Education Symposium

This two disc set includes Video Sessions, Articles, References, and Activity Instructions focusing on:

  • Foundations of Experiential Education: The Facilitation of Equine-Assisted Learning
  • The Neurobiology of EAP/EAL: When We Enter the Arena
  • Introducing Participants to Equines
  • Working at Liberty with Equines
  • Integrating Equine-Assisted Work in Educational Environments
  • Equine-Assisted Learning Timeline
  • Cancer Survivor’s Riding
  • and more!
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This DVD set features the expertise of:

  • Shannon Knapp, MA
  • Pam McPhee, MSW
  • Paul Smith, MA
  • Tracy Weber, PhD
  • Kaledoscope's Four Legged Facilitators: Al, Diva, Tigger, Charlie Brown, Mickey & Minnie


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Great Demonstration DVD — NOW OVER 50% OFF!

What does it take to host Great Demonstrations? Want your onsite demonstrations to deliver results and clients? Join Shannon Knapp and the Horse Sense team as we show you the key points to effective, productive demonstrations for getting EAP/EAL clients in your door.

We cover:

  • How to Facilitate for Maximum Impact
  • Talk Effectively About Your Services
  • Handouts & information to include in your event
  • Follow-up strategies to get clients on the books

Included in this 2 DVD set:

  • A live, hour-long demonstration held at the Horse Sense farm after the EAGALA 2009 Conference in Asheville NC
  • A “director’s commentary” with Shannon Knapp, explaining all that couldn’t be shared in the live event
  • General Horse Sense Facilitation Tips, both for Great Demonstrations and for Actual Client Sessions, whether Psychotherapy- or Learning-based.

ONLY $45!


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Emotional Intelligence & EAP/EAL

The crossover of this exciting field with ours!


Non-Profit vs For-Profit

Which is Right for You? One of the fundamental decisions you need to make, and the information you need to make it.


All About Pricing

In this hour-long telecall, Shannon answers many of the main questions around pricing in an EAP/EAL business, such as how to determine your price and how to split the rate among the horse professional, the therapist or other professional and the farm/barn/horses. She also addresses the issue of setting a sliding scale fee, and how to structure group fees. All in all, it's a wealth of information about an issue closely tied to the success of your program.


Print Brochures: How to Look Your Best in Print

Shannon addresses the keys to looking good in your print brochure. Shannon's seen many new EAP/EAL business brochures, and Horse Sense has designed, developed and printed more than 5 brochures to date (and we're currently designing more). We've learned a lot in that process and want to share it with you.


Receive Non-Profit Dollars as a For-Profit: Fiscal Sponsorship

But with this opportunity, there are also responsibilities. This call will focus on what you need to know to set up a Fiscal Sponsorship agreement that will work for both your organization and the non-profit you want to work with. These and other questions are answered in this call with Horse Sense's Founder and Equine Specialist Shannon Knapp. Horse Sense has been in fiscal sponsorship arrangements since 2003.