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Horse Sense Business Sense
6919 Meadows Town Road
Marshall, North Carolina 28753

Phone: (828) 683-7304
Fax: (828) 683-6281
E-mail: josie@horsesenseotc.com



Books & e-Books

Get Real Help & Real Results with the
Horse Sense Books and e-Books!


More than a Mirror

A deep and passionate study of both the theory and practice of EAP/EAL from Horse Sense of the Carolinas founder Shannon Knapp and other key leaders in the field. More than a Mirror offers an examination of the therapeutic process, including the role of the horse and the horse professional in creating meaningful, significant change for clients. With an intro by Linda Parelli!

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Horse Sense, Business Sense, Vol 1

Developed by Shannon Knapp, one of the leaders in the field of Equine Assisted Practice, Horse Sense, Business Sense is written for those seeking to learn the business basics essential for a successful journey into Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning. Practical and pragmatic, Horse Sense, Business Sense relates the straightforward and oftentimes humorous story of author Shannon’s own journey from idealistic up-start to savvy entrepreneur, with key principles and pointers ideal for the new therapy business. Shannon is one of the more experienced veterans in the field, and has learned firsthand that creating a successful practice comes only after learning how to create a successful business foundation. Learn the necessary "Horse Sense" principles to avoid the pitfalls that can threaten your success in the exciting new world of Equine Assisted Practice. Horse Sense, Business Sense is the book therapists and equine businesses have been waiting for…and a terrific common-sense book for anyone trying to be financially successful while following their dreams.



Paperback: $35

Horse Sense Journal

Enhance your therapy sessions and encourage clients to capture their thoughts with our blank journals. With thought-provoking quotes and inviting blank pages, these beautiful journals are ideal companions for individuals and groups alike.

Get a single copy, a bundle of 6 or even a bundle of 12 for your program needs today!

6 Journals
(15% off)

12 Journals
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1 Journal

Policies & Procedures Manual

Why reinvent the wheel when you can use the Horse Sense Policies & Procedures Manual as your guide? Designed specifically for EAP/EAL businesses, this is an invaluable resource for any company, at any stage of the game!

With your purchase, you will receive a PDF for reference and a workable Microsoft Word file that you can modify and edit to suit your specific program and needs - all sent directly to your email inbox!

You'll also find the Horse Sense Forms and Paperwork in the appendix of this manual, with lifetime updates each time we at Horse Sense update our internal paperwork!


Horse Sense Forms E-Book — NEW 2014 Edition Available!! 

(Free to Trailblazer Members)

This e-book contains all the “essential” forms Horse Sense has developed and refined over several years. With your purchase, you’ll receive a pdf document so you can see exactly how our forms look. With your purchase, you’ll also receive lifetime updates and notification every time the book is revised or updated. The forms represent the most basic and crucial forms needed to conduct EAP or EAL. Among the forms included: Phone Screening/Referral Form, Release of Information Contract, Registration, Counseling Assessment, Group Note/Session Note, Medical History, Emergency Information and Health Care Consent, Equine Activity Liability Agreement and Risk Acknowledgment, Treatment Plan, Policies and Consent for Treatment, Discharge Summary, Notice of Privacy Practices, Client Rights and Responsibilities.