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Curricula & Program Manuals

Extensive, comprehensive "turn-key" curricula and also simple, basic program manuals.

Running with Mustangs and BodySense are two "turn-key"curricula by the Horse Sense team. Each curricula includes a theoretical overview of the population, and why EAP is a great fit for this group. You can include consultation time for understanding and implementation when you purchase your curricula. 

Our three concise and simple program manuals (the "3 in 1"), developed by the Horse Sense team, serves as activity guides for working with special populations: Girls, Teens and adult women facing change.

Our Policies and Procedures manual, recently updated in 2015, will get you up and running with all the basic processes you need in place as you seek funding opportunities, as well as providing you with the systems you

need for your human resources and business sense!

Also, check out our favorites section below, with links to some of the finest curricula and programming resources developed by other top notch programs!


Running with Mustangs: Equine Assisted-Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Court-Ordered Youth —Click here to download the Table of Contents!

Running with Mustangs is an Equine Assisted Clinical Practice program for use with court-involved youth. The program uses cognitive-behavioral theory and techniques presented in an experiential modality. Problem solving activities with horses are designed to help youth learn important cognitive-behavioral skills in a hands on, experiential setting that allows for “in vivo” learning to occur. The manual includes a brief review of the rationale for utilizing a cognitive-behavioral approach with this population, and explains how skills based in this theory can be relayed to youth in an innovative, experiential way.

The Running with Mustangs approach follows the philosophy of the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) and outlines a stimulating format in which youth can learn necessary skills through interactive, dynamic activities with horses. The manual lists specific cognitive-behavioral skills for the therapist and equine specialist to present and outlines numerous options for doing so within Equine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions.

The curriculum also includes an overview of our Natural Horsemanship component, our Vocational component, and our POETIX component. Together with the CBT skills of Equine Assisted Clinical Practice, these four components form our Gang Violence Prevention Program for working with gang-involved and/or incarcerated youth, as well as Juvenlie Justice referred youth.

Want more help getting the program started? Contact us to set up a consultation with Shannon and our team.




Or you can still order the print manual by clicking below


BodySense™: Equine Assisted Clinical Practice Activities for Women with Eating Disorders—Click here to download the Table of Contents!

One of the most powerful therapy programs we offer, the Horse Sense BodySense™ curriculum is now available to programs everywhere. Start a BodySense™ program of your own with our manual. Working with Eating Disorders is a challenging and rewarding field; BodySense™ gives you the tools you need to step into this work!

Want more help getting the program started? Contact us to set up a consultation with Shannon and our team.



Or you can still order the print manual by clicking below


NEW! 2nd Edition—3-in-1: TeenSense, Girls Rule! & SisterSense — Click here to download the Table of Contents!

"Teen Sense" Program Manual
An eight-week Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy curriculum for at-risk teens that focuses on specific topics at issue for this population. Each week’s topic includes EAGALA-model activities and discussion ideas.

"Girls Rule" Program Manual
An eight-week Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy curriculum for adolescent girls ages 11-15 that focuses on specific topics at issue for this population. Each week’s topic includes EAGALA-model activities and discussion ideas.

"Sister Sense" Program Manual:
An eight-week Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy curriculum for adult women facing change that focuses on specific topics at issue for this population. Each week’s topic includes EAGALA-model activities and discussion ideas.

2nd Edition Manual!!


Or, you can still order the print manual by clicking below


NEW! 2015 EDITION: Policies & Procedures Manual—Click here to download the Table of Contents!

Why reinvent the wheel when you can use the Horse Sense Policies & Procedures Manual as your guide? Here's a small selection of the form templates you'll be purchasing when you buy the Policies & Procedures Manual: Compliance, Confidentiality, Conflict Resolution, EAGALA Approved Provider Standards, Equal Opportunity Employment, Exit Interview, Family Medical Leave Act, First Aid Stations, Harassment, HIPAA, Injury On The Job/Worker’s Compensation, Intake Procedures, Licensure and Certification and Registration, Medical Records Storage, Sliding Scale Fees, Therapist/ES Post-session Debrief, AND MORE!

Designed specifically for EAP/EAL businesses, this is an invaluable resource for any company, at any stage of the game!

With your purchase, you will receive a PDF for reference and a workable Microsoft Word file that you can modify and edit to suit your specific program and needs - all sent directly to your email inbox!

You'll also find the Horse Sense Forms and Paperwork in the appendix of this manual, with lifetime updates each time we at Horse Sense update our internal paperwork!

2nd Edition Manual!!


Horse Sense Forms E-Book—Click here to download the Table of Contents!

(Free to Trailblazer Members)

This newly revised (2014) e-book contains all the “essential” forms Horse Sense has developed and refined over several years. With your purchase, you’ll receive a pdf document so you can see exactly how our forms look. With your purchase, you’ll also receive lifetime updates and notification every time the book is revised or updated. The forms represent the most basic and crucial forms needed to conduct EAP or EAL. Among the forms included: Phone Screening/Referral Form, Release of Information Contract, Registration, Counseling Assessment, Group Note/Session Note, Medical History, Emergency Information and Health Care Consent, Equine Activity Liability Agreement and Risk Acknowledgment, Treatment Plan, Policies and Consent for Treatment, Discharge Summary, Notice of Privacy Practices, Client Rights and Responsibilities.



Business Sense Favorites:

Here are links to some of our favorite people and products in the field - enjoy!

Curricula by Strides to Success

Marvelous Minis
This  curriculum is a 10 week curriculum utilizing The Strides Learning Model with three components: academic standards, the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets, and character education skills. Trying to convince educators that horses are wonderful teacher can sometimes be a challenge. The team at Strides Learning Center has found that if we can get one opportunity to provide services, the work speaks for itself.
to learn more!

Journey of the Spirit Horse
This is a 24 lesson curriculum was developed for students that are at-risk of failing in the traditional school setting due to special needs, failing grades, negative behaviors, suspensions, low attendance or even expulsions. Journey of the Spirit Horse is an exciting and innovative curriculum that utilizes the Strides Learning Model as its foundation of practice. CLICK HERE to learn more! 

From the Inside Out
Treating children who have experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, family violence and/or have emotional, social, behavioral and developmental disorders is a long, long journey. From the Inside Out was developed to enhance redevelopment and recovery through the honest and untainted reflections from the horses.
to learn more!

Manitou Connections

Horse with a Different View
An Equine Assisted Learning Curriculum and Facilitation Resource For Students on the Autism Spectrum and Others Experiencing Relationship and Social Communication Difficulties.
to learn more!


The Manual of Medicine and Horsemanship, by Dr. Beverly Kane

Now with the Manual of Medicine and Horsemanship - Transforming the Doctor-Patient Relationship with Equine-Assisted Learning, anyone with EAL/EAP/EGE certification can conduct Medicine and Horsemanship for healthcare students and professionals. Medicine and Horsemanship is a Stanford University-based student elective and Continuing Medical Education course that employs horses to teach interpersonal skills for the clinician-patient relationship, the nurse-doctor relationship, and all professional interactions.
to learn more!

Acres for Life

Acres for Life offers a variety of equine assisted curricula specializing in recovery programs and CEU programs.
CLICK HERE to learn more!