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Equine Specialist Training & Intensive

2017 Dates TBA

21 hours of programming; up to 10 hrs EAGALA CEU's available through EAGALA Independent Study Program

Beyond 'What is the Horse Doing?'

Are you working as an Equine Specialist (ES) and long for more clarity and connection around the important role you have in therapy or learning sessions? Are you taking steps towards becoming an ES and want some reliable information to help guide your path? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this intensive workshop is designed for you!!

“Worth every penny! Shannon and Richard gave us their undivided attention and answered every question. I learned more than I imagined! Thank you!”

“If you plan on being an Equine Specialist, you need to take this course.”

We'll welcome you in to a cozy group of horse professionals to discuss and review the following information:

  • Fundamental roles and responsibilities of the Equine Specialist (ES) in EAP and EAL sessions
  • Skills and experience levels/organizational standards

  • Role of the ES both in and out of session
  • Activity design & facilitation skills
  • Common challenges for any ES
  • Horsenality, predator/prey, heirarchy of needs
  • “Ideal” EAP/EAL horse? “Inappropriate” horses?

  • Horse observation

  • How to support/avoid burnout; How our work impacts horses

  • Implications of personal horses of ES/Therapist in session

  • Utilization/collaboration with rescue rehab horses and orgs

  • Language: Attunement/Mirroring; Use/tool; anthropomorphism

  • Continuing education opportunities

"This workshop is the welcome mat to the world of equine assisted everything!”

“No matter where you are in the process, you will find lessons that are pertinent”