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Horse Sense Business Sense
6919 Meadows Town Road
Marshall, North Carolina 28753

Phone: (828) 683-7304
Fax: (828) 683-6281
E-mail: josie@horsesenseotc.com



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Established & Refining

You're already in the thick of your EAP/EAL Business but still needing to create sustainability and profitability...

You're either full time in the field or at the tipping point in your program, constantly feeling like it's going to break wide-open into success. Are you ready for it?

Or, you're wanting to tap into some tried, true and effective programs developed by top professionals in the field, realizing that you don't have to do it all (nor do you have time to!).

What's more, you've realized the importance of diversity of income, of carving out and mining niches of clients and populations. It's the lifeblood of keeping your business successful and healthy.

Mostly, you know you need help on a more sophisticated level, to continue to generate steady income, or to be sure of it for the first time.

Key Actions:

  • Developing Focus and Consistency for the Long Haul
    Chasing Chickens? Everything seem like a good idea or a possibility?
    • The necessity of Strategic Planning for long-term success
    • Your sanity and other non-negotiables
  • Refining Marketing & Client-Generating Tools
    • Developing a Message Development Plan to tap new audiences
    • Developing a solid Marketing Plan
    • Honing your Networking and Follow-up strategies
  • Find the "low-hanging fruit" for your area
    What is it, and how do you serve them and your bottom line?
    • Continuing Education Credit courses
    • CD's, books, photos and other ways to generate "passive" income


  • Consult with Shannon & the Herd at Horse Sense (including Brenda Dammann, Karyn Greenstreet, Mike Sowinski, Elizabeth Barbour & Lisa Wheeler)
  • Immersion Program at Horse Sense (onsite immersion!)
  • BodySense: specifically for working with Eating Disordered populations, this Horse Sense curricula and consultation time will get you well on your way
  • Running With Mustangs: developed for working with adjudicated youth (outpatient as well as incarcerated), this program offers results of youth who re-offend less than 20% of the time 1 year out of treatment. A great program!
  • Policies & Procedures manual, including non-discrimination policies, hiring procedures, conflict of interest statements, and more
  • The Trailblazers Program, for ongoing support and information to support you on your journey. Monthly and annual packages are available.
  • Marketing Plans & Message Development: Spend time with Shannon to hone your message and plan your new business markets. Contact shannon@horsesenseotc.com for more information.