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First Steps

This is a wonderfully exciting time... when you've first discovered EAP/EAL!

You've been hearing about Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Learning, and want to learn more: how does it work, what does it take, how can you get involved? Congratulations! This is the website for you!

Or, you are already getting requests for it at your barn or office, and have just now had the time to check into it. You, too, are in the right place.

I hear from so many who are delighted to learn they can marry their passions of helping people and their love of horses. As you get underway, here's some key actions you might take, and some resources to support you on the journey.

Key Actions:

  • Training & Education
    Become familiar with the landscape & develop a vocabulary of terms.
    • What is EAP/EFP/EGE/EEE (aside from alphabet soup?)
    • What kind of training is available, and how can I participate?
  • Decisions & Set-Up
    • Do you want to be a for-profit or a non-profit?
    • What's your Vision and Mission?
    • Creating a Business Plan!
  • The Basics
    The Who, What, Where, When of your Program
    • Who: Create your team of horses and humans
    • What: Start-Up Funding/Expenses to Expect: what you need
    • Where: Plan your facility for horses and clients, and also for any officework you'll need to do
    • When: How quickly do you want to get there, and what kind of resources do you currently have

Resources to Assist You:

  • Consult with Shannon & the Herd at Horse Sense (including Brenda Dammann, Karyn Greenstreet, Mike Sowinski, Elizabeth Barbour & Lisa Wheeler)
  • Shannon's More Than a Mirror book
  • Shannon's Horse Sense Business Sense Vol. 1 book
  • The Trailblazers Program, for ongoing support and information to support you on your journey. Monthly and annual packages are available.
  • Free Calls: 4-5 times a year, Horse Sense interviews others in the field to bring you the most exciting and provocative news. Visit our Telecall Archive to listen to many of the more recent calls.

Already past this stage?

Check out Growing & Developing