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Horse Sense Business Sense
6919 Meadows Town Road
Marshall, North Carolina 28753

Phone: (828) 683-7304
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Growing & Developing

Gotten a Feel for What EAP/EAL is like and ready to create more success?

You've educated yourself in this field and have been trained or attended a conference (or both). You know you want to continue with this.

Or, you're doing sessions here and there, looking for experience and opportunities to serve. You might have a contract with a local agency, or a grant to see a particular group.

Mostly, though, you are really wanting to get this endeavor off the ground floor. What needs to happen next?

Key Actions:

  • Setting Up Systems & Policies
    What can you put in place to save you time and energy?
    • Scheduling Clients and Handling Logistics (hours, cancellation and rain/cold/lightning policy, handling payment, etc.)
    • Phones and Computers: What's the best use of your limited time and resources?
  • Marketing
    Get some fundamentals in place!
    • Developing your Website and Optimizing It
    • Offering Demonstrations and Offsite Presentations
    • Networking for referrals and having a Follow-Up Plan
  • Development of Programs
    What can you be doing to diversify and build programs for your community?
    • What populations do you most want to work with that you aren't yet?
    • Who's in your backyard that you could work with but haven't yet?
    • What's the need in your community, and how can you fill that need?
  • Further Education & Training for Facilitation
    The never-ending process!!!
    • In session: still feeling like you're tripping over your questions, or that there's too much happening to keep track of?
    • Cross-training and continuing education in your field with trainings, workshops and conferences
    • What can you do to get out of your comfort zone, and feel again what it feels like (especially if you don't do it often)?

Resources to Assist You:

  • Consult with Shannon & the Herd at Horse Sense (including Brenda Dammann, Karyn Greenstreet, Mike Sowinski, Elizabeth Barbour & Lisa Wheeler)
  • Immersion Program at Horse Sense (onsite immersion!)
  • Policies & Procedures manual, including non-discrimination policies, hiring procedures, conflict of interest statements, and more
  • Forms E-book: critical, basic forms needed for your EAP business
  • Journal Packs for giving to your clients for reflective journaling homework
  • Program Manuals: Horse Sense's "3 in 1 Manual", including "Girls Rule," "TeenSense" and "SisterSense."
  • The Trailblazers Program, for ongoing support and information to support you on your journey. Monthly and annual packages are available.

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