What Does it Mean to be a Trailblazer?
Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 11:12AM
Josie Mosser

By working in the field of Equine Assisted Practice, you are a Trailblazer.

In 2007, Horse Sense first developed its Trailblazer Program as a way of uniting EAP/EAL Trailblazers out there into a "herd," so we could explore the unchartered territory together, sharing our purpose and direction. Throughout the years, we've learned about what kind of learning platforms work best for generating consistent support from peers and colleagues. We've also become more focused on providing thorough support and education for those wanting to learn more about horse psychology and natural horsemanship. With this information, we decided to restructure the Trailblazer Program into what it is today.

The exciting new elements we've added to the Trailblazer Program are the MasterMind Groups and the Trailblazer-only telecalls focused on supporting Equine Specialists & the horses they care for.

The idea behind the MasterMind groups is to form into small groups to focus on specific needs for you and your company. By regularly coming together and brainstorming about the nuts & bolts of running a business, you'll be able to learn and share with others in the field, needing help with the same things. These MasterMind groups will cover marketing, getting paid, contracts, program design & development, etc.

There are 2 very important people who are helping us deliver these MasterMind meetings, so we can keep the groups small and offer more than one at a time. We want to extend a special thank you to Stephanie Bowman, from Turning Point, LLC in South Carolina and Kathy Taylor, from HerdWise in Texas. Without their collaborative spirits and shared desire to help, we wouldn't be able to offer our Trailblazers so much good stuff! Thank you both for ALL you do!

In the past incarnation of the Trailblazer Program, we did offer Trailblazer-only telecalls but they were often focused on business development - a topic we've decided is more appropriately addressed in small, interactive groups rather than single occurrence telecalls. So now we are offering telecalls that focus on the heart of everyone's EAP/EAL business: the Horse. It was finally time to take the reigns and be sure that our Trailblazer members could learn more about assessment and suitability of horses for EAPractices, as well as get a deeper education about horse psychology, herd behavior, and horse and human body language. Shannon and Richard are devoted to keeping any herd healthy in mind, body and spirit, and want to share their passion and educate!

This new program is only a month old, and we are beginning to pool together some interest for the MasterMind groups and schedule upcoming telecalls. If you want to learn more about what this membership includes, you can click here to read up on it.

We are exciting about the future of Trailblazers - of all the Trailblazers in this field, bringing their own ingenuity and inspiration to this growing field. Thanks for being a part of our larger herd, and steering us all in a good direction.

Josie Mosser
Business & Marketing Director´╗┐

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