Holy Smokes! It's (the end of ) June already?!
Monday, June 27, 2016 at 8:49AM

As I sat down to prepare this blog post, it struck me, "Oh wow, it's (the end of) JUNE already!"  It has been a fantastic year at HorseSense so far this year - if you are a regular reader of our newsletter, you KNOW we have been busy! 

So how do we keep it all going when it seems like time is just flying by?  Planning, planning and more planning.  I've written about the importance of planning during the slower times of the year, and these are the times when we really rely on the fact that we have put things in place ahead of time.    

So, in six months, when I wake up on a crisp wintry morning and want to hibernate just a little, I remember how crazy busy we will be over the summer.  I dream a little and I plan a lot!  I stay in touch with my team, making sure we are talking together about what worked over the previous year and how we can improve things going forward.  There is never a down time when you are passionate about your business.   

We hope to see you on the farm yet this summer!  There are still some amazing educational opportunities on the calendar - events that have been MONTHS in the planning!    

Happy Trails!

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