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Keeping Your Cool

We have had several days in a row of 90+ temperatures. It's all about staying cool.  How can you "stay cool" when facing challenges in your business? 

A difficult client takes over your mood. Your computer doesn't do what you want it to do. All your planning for an upcoming project just seems to fall apart. You feel your heart pounding and your blood pressure going up.   

We all know that violence against a barn door is not the answer.  So how DO you keep your cool? Here are just a few tips to get your through those moments when nothing seems to be going right.    

  • Breathe and count to 10 (really!) - Sounds cliche, but it gives you time to step back and put things in perspective.
  • Vent to that person that you know you can trust to keep your confidence - it can be so stress-relieving to just discuss your aggrevations with a trusting colleague. Again - it is an opportunity to gain perspective.
  • Take a break - grab a short ride with your favorite four-legged friend, go grab a cup of coffee or take a walk.  And do yourself a favor and leave that cellphone and access to email behind.
  • Some folks find it very cathartic to write out their frustrations. BUT DO NOT SEND IT TO ANYONE.  Once you have spilled out your feeings on paper, shred (or permanently delete) any evidence.  

We all have those days when "temperatures rise" in our business.  Have a few routines in place that will help calm you down and prevent a bad situation from growing into something worse. And by all means - STAY COOL!

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