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It was when I was getting on the plane to return home from a business trip to Austin (TX) a few weeks ago that I heard about the "surprise" winter storm that hit the farm. Snow??  Immediately, I reached out on social media to get an update on the current weather and the state of the roads.  Gracious friends were happy to share their news; by the time we landed, I felt fully armed with the best information and I made it home safely.  

Surprises also come along when you are operating a business. Oftentimes, how well you respond to those surprises may determine the direction of your business and maybe whether you will even have a business six months down the road.

What do you do?  You do the same thing I did on my return from Austin.  You reach out to colleagues, folks who can give you their experience on dealing with a similar challenge. Talk to people who are facing the same challenge.  Are there projections on how this challenge might change over time? 

Information is power in most situations and business is no different.  Cultivate those business friendships, BE THAT FRIEND to others so that when you need to reach out to advice, there is a supportive circle ready and happy to help.

Happy Trails! 


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