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More Than a Mirror offers a thorough examination of theory and practice of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) as a therapeutic intervention. Leading practitioner Shannon Knapp, M.A., of Horse Sense of the Carolinas, integrates emotional/social intelligence, neuroscience, and learning theory as well as a step-by-step examination of EAP as practiced today.

Thanks to Shannon's unique ability to bring people together to share their wisdom, this book incorporates multiple perspectives on multiple modalities within the equine-assisted field. In the words of Leif Halberg, author of Walking the Way of the Horse, "This book is a wonderful example of the power and spirit of collaboration."

Providing deep insight into the roles of horse and horse professional in creating meaningful change for clients, and examining the scientific theories behind the work, this book is a must-read for anyone serious about the field of equine-assisted practice. 

Foreward by Linda Parelli!

Praise for More Than a Mirror

"This book is a MUST read for anyone working with an equine partner. Why? Because Shannon Knapp wrote it. Shannon is a leader in the business of equine-assisted learning. She authentically and expertly engages people to make the world a better place for all two-legged’s and four-legged’s. Best of all, she’s a caring visionary who is dedicated to creating opportunities for transformational change in horses and humans–every single day!"
     -Tracy Weber, Ph.D.; Founder and Executive Director of Kaleidoscope Learning Center

"Shannon is a gift to the field of Equine Assisted Mental Health and Learning.  An excellent practitioner, an accomplished business owner and a talented author, her ideas are grounded from multiple perspectives. Regardless of these accomplishments- Shannon remains curious, generous  and innovative. When Shannon is present, people & horses listen and engage because they know its going to be good."
     -Pam McPhee, MSW; Founder and Executive Director of The Brown Center

"Shannon Knapp is a leading expert in the field of equine assisted psychotherapy and learning. Her expertise and professionalism is demonstrated in all of her endeavors. Shannon has the unique ability to bring people together to share their wisdom and provide information and direction to those new to the field. This book is a wonderful example of the power and spirit of collaboration."
     -Leif Hallberg, LPC; Grain Integrative Health

“Once again, Shannon Knapp has proven to be on the leading edge of our field. This book challenges all who are passionate about this work to continue questioning and improving to elevate equine facilitated therapy and learning to its rightful place beside other powerful experiential modalities. Her continued generosity in sharing the details of her own journey should inspire evolution and excellence among all EFP/L practitioners."
     -Kris Batchelor, BA; Founder and Operator of Triple Play Farm, LLC


$60 + Shipping


Take a look inside: 

Click here for a downloadable pdf sampling each chapter of the book!
Click here for a downloadable pdf of the Table of Contents from the book!

More about the Author, Shannon Knapp:

[Excerpt from the book]
Through the years since I began Horse Sense, I’ve clocked thousands of hours in client contact with many different mental health professionals, while developing and supervising many different Equine Specialists, interns and more. I piloted every program before training others to partner alongside me or to facilitate in my place. Overwhelmingly, I have worked in the mental health arena and with youth, though I have also worked with many adults as well. My experience includes years of coaching equine-assisted professionals through Horse Sense education and development programs, as well as business consultations. Many out-of-town learners have participated in our immersion programs; some stayed for a semester or more as interns. I also bring my experience from working within a private practice model, having operated one of the larger practices of EAP/EAL, engaging with multiple Equine Specialists and multiple therapists. I spent these same years growing and developing my abilities while working with the many horses on our farm, always seeking to improve my horsemanship and partnership skills.  


Bring More than a Mirror into the Classroom!

Check out the following programs that are currently making use of this great resource:

Prescott College
Paul Smith: "Explorations in Equine-Assisted Mental Health" & "Explorations in Equine-Assisted Learning"

University of New Hampshire
Pam McPhee: "Explorations in Equine-Assisted Mental Health & Learning" (undergraduate course) and "Enhancing the therapeutic connection through equine assisted mental health" (graduate course)

Lake Erie College
Christina Goodall: "Equine Assisted Learning"

Are you affiliated with an educational institution and want to incorporate this book into an appropriate curriculum? All you have to do is email Josie to get the process rolling : ) 


Contributors to the Book

  • Tanya Bailey, MSW, LICSW
  • Kris Batchelor, BA; Triple Play Farm, LLC
  • Lisa Baugh, LMFT
  • Rhiannon C. Beauregard, LMFT
  • Liza Sapir Flood, LPC
  • StarrLee Heady; PX Equine Enterprises Inc.
  • Leif Hallberg
  • Ashley Edmonds Hayes; Shepherd Youth Ranch
  • Michelle Holling-Brooks; Unbridled Change
  • Tim Jobe; Natural Lifemanship
  • Elizabeth Kendall, Ph.D.
  • Richard Knapp
  • Amy Blossom Lomas, BS; Reins of Change, Inc.
  • Harriet Laurie; TheHorseCourse
  • Patti Mandrell, M.Ed., LPC; REFUGE Services
  • Randy Mandrell; REFUGE Services
  • Annick Maujean, Ph.D.
  • Laura McFarlnad, M.Ed.
  • Carissa McNamara
  • Cami Murnane, MSW; Unbridled Change
  • Lillian Roquet
  • Bettina Shultz-Jobe, LPC; Natural Lifemanship
  • Kendall Smith, LPC
  • Paul Smith, Ph.D.
  • Lynn Thomas, LCSW; EAGALA
  • Tracy Weber, Ph.D.; Kaleidoscope Learning Circle, LLC
  • Jayna Wekenman, M.Ed.
  • Don Zimmerman, Ph.D.
  • Linda ZImmerman


$60 + Shipping



Praise for Shannon Knapp:

“Shannon Knapp is down to earth, knows her stuff & is honestly invested in helping others succeed and grow."
Judy Schneider
“Shannon helped me re-energize for returning to Green Gate Farm and utilizing all of the great ideas and resources she shared! It was just what I needed to pick me up and get motivated!  Shannon showed me that all of us struggle with the same issues – I’m not alone & others are out there for networking and support!”
Heather Gates, Princess Anne, MD
Green Gates Farm

“Thanks so much, Shannon, for unselfishly sharing what it cost you so much to learn – I appreciate your genuine concern.”
Steve Sweeney

“Shannon was thorough, comprehensive, and highly responsive to our needs and questions assisting us in developing our business.”
Pat Dubois, Ranch DuboisCorrales, NM