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Natural Lifemanship Trainings: Trauma-Focused EAP

TF-EAP™ For Mental Health and Equine Professionals


Natural Lifemanship's Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TF-EAP™) is the new standard in EAP.

Check out Natural Lifemanship's promo video discussing Horse Sense! 

 Natural Lifemanship (NL) uses the physiology of the horse to address the physiological effects of trauma, and the psychology of the horse to address the psychological effects of trauma. TF-EAP™ is a relational intervention that it is specifically designed to promote recovery from trauma, as well as from the many disorders that stem from unresolved trauma and that can be appropriately addressed as adaptive responses or coping mechanisms for trauma. Understanding human and horse behavior through a trauma lens is a very useful and effective way to conduct EAP practices even with clients who do not have known histories of trauma. 

Natural Lifemanship trainings prepare participants to use horses intentionally in the therapeutic process, which centers around the client building a relationship with the horse under the guidance of the therapy team. Through this process, clients strengthen their physiological capacity for self-regulation, effectively healing many emotional and behavioral disorders. They gradually transform dysfunctional and damaging relationship patterns as they transfer the success they’ve gained building a quality relationship with their horse to their relationships with themselves and with other human beings.

Horse Sense staff have all been trained in this cutting edge model of EAP and we host trainings at the farm every year!

Trauma-Focused EAP Trainings at Horse Sense of the Carolinas:

TF-EAP Fundamentals:


Fri. August. 18 - Sun. Aug. 20

TF-EAP Intensive:

Fri. June 2 - Sun. June 4

Fri. Sept. 15 - Sat. Sept. 17


Contact Natural Lifemanship for ALL registration and refund information!

Read more about this approach on the Natural Lifemanship website!