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Telecall Archive

Horse Sense is pleased to share with you the audio recordings of many past telecall guests. It's a wealth of experience, information and support for EAP & EAL professionals.

Association Overviews

Program Overviews

  • The Horse Institute with Marie-Claude Stockl and Larry Stockl
    Download MP3
  • Mark Fredrickson, of Peterson, McAnally, & Tabor, on Insurance for EAP/EAL programs
    Download MP3
  • Vicki Reece, of Acres for Life, on their Chemical Dependency Programs, among other topics
    Download MP3
  • StarrLee Heady, EAGALA Untrainer, of PXEquine
    Download MP3
  • Dr. Kay Trotter, of EPIC Partners in Counseling
    Download MP3
  • Ann Romberg and Lynn Baskfield of Wisdom Horse Coaching
    Download MP3
  • Tracy Weber,  of Kaleidoscope Learning Center
    Download MP3
  • Debbie Anderson, of Strides to Success
    Download MP3
  • Amy Blossom, of Reins of Change, & past Chair of EAGALA
    Download MP3
  • Mark Lytle, EAGALA Untrainer, of Head, Heart, Hands & Horses
    Download MP3
  • Linda Myers, of Stone Fox Farm
    Download MP3
  • Patti Mandrell, EAGALA Untrainer, of REFUGE Services
    Download MP3
  • Deb Dehoff of Serenity Farm
    Download MP3