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Horse Sense Business Sense
6919 Meadows Town Road
Marshall, North Carolina 28753

Phone: (828) 683-7304
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E-mail: josie@horsesenseotc.com



Trailblazer Membership

Quit Reinventing the Wheel!

A Horse Sense Trailblazers Membership will give you access to the latest information on equine assisted practices, from one of the industry's most experienced and successful facilities. 

The Trailblazer Program Offers 

  • Free 15-minute consultation with Shannon - Each year Shannon is available for two 15-minute phone consultations to help you focus on your goals and get the accountability and support you need to meet your goals. Also, the issues that are raised in consultations will inform the kinds of resources we share with members throughout the year on our Facebook Group!
  • Practical Business Support - Connecting you with a host of tangible, useful resources, including sample grants, paperwork, handouts and more on the private Trailblazers section of the HorseSenseBusiness.com website. 
  • Discounts - for our 1:1 Consulting, Workshops, Curricula & other Horse Sense resources
  • Community - Trailblazers has a member-only Facebook page for networking, idea exchange and for sharing resources. It's a great way to get quick feedback from me and from other Trailblazers about your immediate, quickie questions!


 One Year Trailblazer Membership: $297/Year
(save over $45 by committing for the year!)


4 Month Trailblazer Membership: $115/4 months


What else can you expect?

Imagine sitting across the table from Shannon, picking her brain and learning directly from her what works, what’s on the horizon, and how to grow your business. Would that be helpful? Trailblazers members can expect that kind of focused, specialized, on-going support month after month.

Your membership guarantees you:

  • Barn-tested insight from Shannon Knapp about building your clientele and your program
  • Regular insight into Best Practices and Procedures from an experienced, highly credentialed and respected EAP/EAL facility
  • Discounts on Horse Sense facilitator guides, group curriculums, and program consultations.
  • Discounts on Horse Sense merchandise, events and consulting!

When you say YES, you'll also get...

  • Access to past Audio MP3's of leaders in the field of EAP/EAL
  • Shannon's workshop presentations at EGEA, EAGALA, EAHAE, & PATH among others, as well as presentations at other conferences outside this immediate field
  • Key resources for developing new programs in a variety of specializations
  • Access to a host of Horse Sense resources through our Trailblazer-only Website portal, including grants and presentations

Working Together Works!

Just ask our members!

I’m sure I would’ve given up on my business long ago if not for Trailblazers. Being able to communicate openly with others who are interested in thriving, not just surviving, has been invaluable.

Our new Mastermind group is awesome. I can see us all inspiring each other to the next level. It’s nice to go on this journey with someone!

Kathy Taylor
Transforming leadership and teamwork through interactions with horses.

The Trail Blazer’s program has offered my program a wealth of valuable resource material. Not to mention all the support and community for our expanding field.

Thank you Shannon, Richard and all the staff at Horse Sense. I don’t believe I could have gotten my own program started without you.

Maria Hennessey
Spirit Ranch
Southport NC

What's all this cost?


 One Year Trailblazer Membership
$297/Year (save over $45 by committing for the year!)


4 Month Trailblazer Membership: $115/4 months


All 4-month Trailblazer membership charges are automatically billed to your credit card at the end of the 4 months (for the following 4 month membership period) for your convenience!

How does it work?

Once you register as a Horse Sense Trailblazer, your credit card will be billed automatically. If you purchase an annual membership we will contact you when you membership is about to expire with renewal information.

We sincerely look forward to being of service and support to you and your program. Let us know how we can best serve you!

Working Together Works!