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  These themed bundles are designed to support your professional growth in a given area. Each bundle contains 5 well-rounded presentations and is good for 7 EAGALA CEU's.  

Choose a bundle and you'll have access to each of the
5 presentations for 2 months—all for only $90!

 "The Many Faces of EAP/EAL Practices: Models for Practice”
Shannon Knapp & Leif Halberg 

“Liability Insurance for the Practice”
Mark Fredericksen 

“How Do You Make Money at This?”
Michelle Holling‐Brooks

“Contracts and Proposals: Start Out Right!”
Shannon Knapp

"Setting your prices and splitting the fees"
Kathy Taylor

 “Billing Private Insurance and Medicaid”
Stephanie Bowman

"Optimizing Your Business in a Down Economy"
PJ Stegan

"What Hat Do You Wear? Consultant; Trainer; Facilitator; Coach – Gaining Clarity on the Difference"
Nancy Lowery

“Grow your business profitably”    
Kathy Taylor

"Marketing your EAL Program in the Health Sector"
Beverley Kane

 "Collaborating with Residential Facilities to Provide EAP Services"   
Kendall Smith

"A Horse of a Different Color: Adding EAP Services to an Existing Psychotherapy Practice"    
Stephanie Bowman

“Natural Lifemanship and Trauma-Focused equine Assisted Psychotherapy”     
Tim & Bettina Jobe

"The Transitioning Families Model: Reunification/Reintegration Therapy"  
Dr Rebecca Bailey

“Horses as Contemplative Practice”     
Shannon Knapp

“Horses as Contemplative Practice”     
Shannon Knapp

"Wounded Healers & Dual Relationships: Rescued Horses & Using Personal Horses in Sessions"    
Shannon Knapp

"Enriching Horses for Consciousness"    
Jayna Wekenmann

"Selecting & Assessing Horses for EAP/EAL"     
Richard Knapp

"The Role of the Horse in EAP/EAL Practices"    
Shannon Knapp